When I was driving back to work yesterday afternoon I was so enamoured with the scenery. We had a heavy all day snow Monday and it was sticking beautifully like white cotton candy to everything. Then I noticed the power lines that lined the road and the way the snow made a crazy wavy pattern on all of them. This went on for a couple of miles and it fascinated me. I stopped in the middle of the street and hung my head out the window to try to capture it. 

It was almost like you could see the current running through the line. The mass of power that runs the area. I have racked my brain for a concise thought or argument about what this means but I get only a feeling. The convergence of energy forces, the man made covered in the force of nature. It seemed the man made was winning out, but the funny thing about nature, she will surprise you and always hang on.

Have you ever noticed as you are on this journey to a more sustainable life that you are more aware of everything around you and the implications of it?


julochka said...

i do notice that. tho' i think my 365 photo project had something to do with the noticing as well. i just went for a run (i know, words we never thought i'd say) and noticed lots of beer cans along the side of the road. i wondered what kind of people in today's world would think it's ok to throw their trash out the car window? man can be hard on nature.

Elizabeth said...

When we go for a walk we pick up the cans and throw them in a nearby bin. Sometimes I take the kids out and take with me some plastic bags that we got somewhere and start collecting stuff that doesn't belong were we find it.

SH -ic said...

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Lynne said...

are you sure there wasn't some mad guy with a long ladder and a can of shaving cream just around the corner?