Intertwangleism in action
Courtesey of Mark Langan

Today I like to share with you some people who found a way to use the surplus of paper that is around us in a different way. The picture above is a piece of cardboard art from Mark Langan.
Courtesy of Erin Klee

This second piece of art is made by Gugger Petter, a danish artist who lives in the States already for a long time. 

But how can we re-use the paper that enters our lives?

You could make a bowl for fruit, small other items you collect or an one of a kind gift. If you happen to have a lot of books and you are in need of a bar why not try to make this one?
Courtesy of House Design

Do you know a person who looks at paper in a different way, share it with us.


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Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Hi Elizabeth,
this is funny, because I just made a posting about recycling paper - the household version, that is, not monumental art. I put a link to Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord as well - I think her work would be of interest to you!