this blog provides our thoughts on leading a more sustainable, less consumer-oriented life and still trying to cope with the world around us. we're concerned about the world our children will inherit.

we are:
julochka: grew up in a small town on the prairie and followed a nice danish boy home to denmark more than a decade ago. now living in a small town on the "prairie" in denmark. we have 17 acres, one corner of a lake, a pony, two rabbits and a house cat. we will have a big garden, chickens and a couple of pigs as soon as spring shows itself.

elizabeth: grew up in a town in the netherlands. fell in love with denmark when i was an au-pair here about 25 years ago, moved back but couldn't stay away. now i'm living with my dutch family on a danish island.

jude: a Canadian living in Denmark, for now. I am an incurable gyspy who likes to move but one day (sooner rather than later) would like to build an eco house in a city.

rayfamilyBorn and raised in California. Moved to Wisconsin when my husband and I bought a veterinary hospital 10 years ago. We are raising our two kids on a 6 acre farmstead, where along with two dogs and a cat we have 16 chickens. We have a 1/2 acre garden and experimented being our own little CSA last year. Loving our adventures in sustainability!