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1. hand-painted seed packets, 2. 'Centred', 3. the whole collection!, 4. Untitled

i'm really pleased at the conversation that has already started here! it's even better than i had hoped for! and it got me thinking about small ways that we, as individuals, can do our part to make a difference in what seems to be an overwhelming and insurmountable problem. i did a quick scour of my flickr contacts, just this morning, and found the small ideas above. from handmade seed packets of seeds harvested from your own garden to give as gifts to using old clothes and vintage textiles to make something beautiful and meaningful, to creative use of items you might already have around the house (the measuring stick stars), there are a multitude of things you can do to reuse and upcycle items you already have, whether you live in the heart of the city or out in the countryside. 

we have to begin somewhere. 

upcycling inspiration: Project ReStyle group on flickr and the eco quilt challenge.

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