going off the grid

we're going to do it. we're going to install a 5.5kw braun wind turbine on our property. when we intially looked into it, we thought there wasn't a business case in having our own turbine. and truth be told, it will be ten years before our energy is effectively free. but, there is a business case in a slightly larger turbine than we originally considered.

we use about 7000kw hours of electricity per year (we're bad with the dryer, i admit, especially in winter) and this turbine can generate that. so, the money that we would already have paid to the electrical company that only 20% of the time is providing green electricity to us, we will spend on our payments on the turbine and generate our own power. the 5.5kw turbine will easily generate the 7000kw hours of electricity we need. and if we should get better at conserving electricity, we will be able to sell back into the grid, rather than drawing from it.

it's a bit like buying a house instead of renting. the money we used to literally burn - sending it off to the electric company will go towards our investment in being off the grid. only we won't be completely off the grid, as we will be able to sell electricity back into it when we're making more than we need.

during 2010, the laws here in denmark changed a little bit to make these smaller turbines more attractive for homeowners. there are tax advantages and the permit restrictions have eased in comparison to what they were in 2009. in addition, the household turbine companies are a bit hungry and have affordable and sensible financing plans and packages. it looks doable and we're going to do it.

i'll share more as i learn more - the photo above was taken from the braun brochure. i'll definitely be documenting our process here in photos of my own as soon as we get started.


Elizabeth said...


Congratulations with these new plans.

will said...


I've heard there's plans on installing wind turbines in and around all the state capitols and also in D.C. ... the thought is, with all the hot air generated by pols talking about energy alternatives, they have become an ideal source of excess wind.

rayfamily said...

Awesome! We're trying to figure out what to do. I'd so love a windmill, but B's a little conerned that our wind can be pretty intermitent. Our roof is perfect for solar panels though, so we may start there! Can't wait to hear more as you go!

Sandra said...

I think this is great! I looked at my electric bill when I read you use 7000 kWh a year. From 12/12 to 1/13 we used 2760 kWh of electricity. Gotta love living on a farm in Minnesota in the winter.