The mystery of intertwangleism

Our landfills are growing day by day. If there is anything we have a surplus off, it is what we call garbarge. A enormous amount of things, objects, materials and stuff that is labelled as useless and therefore discarded. The mystery of intertwangleism is the mystery of finding, collecting anything and re-using your find in a special mix.
The man who came up with this -ism, is the one who only wears Liberty denim overalls. A self-taught artist with a many skills. The organizer of the Doo-Nanny in Seale, Alabama, this year held on 25th til the 27 of March. A shy man with a special kind of humor. The one that makes crazy quilts from metal, an avid gardener who lives on an 80 acre family-compound in his self-build cabin. To top it off, he is also the partner of very talented Nathalie Chanin.

The one who walks this path is called Butch Anthony.

May his work inspire you to think differently about garbage.



julochka said...

i want to hold a doo-nanny (tho' i think we're gonna have to call it something else, because that won't fly in denmark).

Jude said...

So cool! Thanks Elizabeth!