article of interest: food for a dollar

$1 in denmark buys you about 3/4 of a liter of organic 1.5% fat milk (from denmark)
a rather pitfully small piece of prima donna cheese (from the netherlands)
and a little over half of an organic cucumber (from spain)
i just stumbled across an interesting post on one of the new york times blogs. jonathan blaustein, a new mexico photographer, set out to document what could be bought for a dollar (it appears to be all food-related). and it puts in perspective what is valued in today's society and how skewed and shaped our opinion of "value for money" has been by big corporations.

do go read the article here. and check out jonathan's own site for even more food for thought (pun intended).

where do your food dollars go?

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Lisa at lil fish studios said...

With apples at $1.99 a pound, I can buy about an apple and a half for a dollar. Or I can buy a whole box of Little Debby Nutty Bars. Sad.