Want to move?

Most of us are moving due to job opportunities or whatever during our lifetime. Sometimes this move needs to take place fast and than all of a sudden owning a home isn't as much fun. Yep, you first have to find a buyer to move on in the direction you want. Maybe there is a solution to fix this owning a house-problem. Just a minute ago I was reading a Dutch newspaper and found this article about taking your home with you when want or need to move. Since I had never heard of it before I thought let's share. The company is called Habitaflex and if you click here, you can see what it is all about.



julochka said...

looks like a big improvement on the US trailer house. :-) and it looks like it would make a great summerhouse!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Hi Elizabeth - well, this might be a future solution ... interesting, anyway!

But still less romantic than Rima at the Hermitage:

My own house is more than 200 years old and build out of clay, rebuild and changed by generations - so I guess it wouldn't like to be 'on the road' at all ... even if I would like to place it closer to the sea if I could!