Calling All Bees

I have been concerned about the honey bee population since I first began to hear about colony collapse disorder. I thought that Bee Movie was a great way to illustrate what a bee free world would look like for my kids. An interesting question; are even those of us most conscious of our footprint on the world, just as guilty of ‘advancing’ these things that threaten us?

I came across a link today through a facebook contact. I thought the article was thought provoking and I was surprised that I had not heard this information, as it ties to cell phone towers before. I Googled it, and the theory has been around for quite some time, so I guess that I just somehow missed the bus on this information. What I like about this synopsis and commentary, is that it has lots of links to sources so it did a good job of compiling lots of resources in one place.

I know that as with anything on this journey to sustainability, there are baby steps and some things that are more conceivable than others for my family to accomplish. I wonder what alternatives are available to fix this problem. Is anyone researching it?

What do you think?

Cell phone towers may be ultimate cause of honeybee population collapse



Barb said...

I also had not heard of this. The biologist with his office across the hall from my husband's studies bees. I'll ask him what he thinks.

julochka said...

i read that in the past week as well. they've done some experiments, placing the mobile phones directly underneath the hives - the bees apparently are getting a "swarm" signal from certain frequencies emitted by the tones. not good! we're definitely keeping our phones away from the hives!