Seeds Of Change

I received a catalog in the mail the other day. A seed catalog to be exact. Comstock Seeds has been in business in one form or another for 200 years, so how did I miss it? Am I the only one???

The man on the front is very very charming, from his dirty straw hat, scraggly beard, crinkly eyes, and those banana melons...I was hooked!

Comstock offers over 250 varieties of vegetables and flowers, all of them are non-GMO, non-patented and non-hybrid. Many of them are well over 50 years old! Am I the only one who didnt know that there are black radishes (Black Spanish) that can be stored in your cellar all winter long if kept in sand. They will "keep good until spring"...I am not a big radish fan, but this certainly sounds interesting. They also have Blue Podded Peas, they are both ornamental and can be used as a shelling pea and cooked like snow peas, who knew? There is a fascinating selection of melons, a nice selection of green beans and a some nice cucumbers. The catalog is free....the prices I thought were very reasonable and they have free shipping.

If you would like to see what they have they can be found at

Next year I will be ordering all of my seeds from them...If I lived closer to Connecticut I would totally be there.


nacherluver said...

Huh. I've never heard of them either. Looks like a great company! Thanks for sharing the info.

Palmer said...

Im glad that I wasnt the only one :D
I thought they looked great too!

Brian said...

I've never seen black radishes, but we do have watermelon radishes at our farmer's market every spring. A thin green outer area, with a light red center. Tastes like a very mild radish.