Hello from North Eastern Iowa. I am excited to be the newest contributor to this great blog!

Just a brief introduction for this first post. The husband, son and I have lived on our 5 acre farm for going on 7 years now. We are surrounded by corn and soybean fields and like it that way. We have goats, a horse, loads of rabbits (both for meat purposes and the son also shows them) chickens for eggs and due to be processed next week are our meat birds. The garden isnt huge but provides us with a very nice crop with enough produce to can, dehydrate and freeze (and some to share with friends).

The garden has just started to come up, but I have been busy harvesting flowers from our pasture for delicious jellies. Lilac, dandelion, violet and apple blossom jelly have found a spot in the pantry. I am wanting to make more, but we probably have way more than enough :D

I like to make cheese (when the dairy goats have extra milk to share), we harvest our own rabbits, will soon be collecting farm fresh eggs, the garden will be in full force soon, I like to make homemade bread and do the occasional dehydrating. I am hoping that we will have some interesting bits of information to share.

And finally a question for you....while researching online other flowers that I could use for jellies I found out that lilies are eatable. Has anyone tried them??? We have lots of them in our ditch!


nacherluver said...

I have a friend who makes pickled day lilies. I tried them. They were... well.... different. A bit to parfumy for me. I bet they would be much better as a jelly as there would be sweet added. Perhaps in a salad in small amounts. I would definitely try them again. :)

julochka said...

welcome, chris!!

i've decided to make a batch of the violets, dandelions and lilacs as a cordial, rather than jelly, as the people in this house are complaining there's too much jelly around here and not enough to drink.

Lisa-Marie said...

Hello and welcome!

Lily cordial is said to be very nice. They are perfumy in the way that elderflower is, so I imagine it'd be lovely!

rayfamily said...

Hi Chris, Welcome! Looking forward to learning about your farm life experiences! Ooh lilac jelly, my lilacs are just starting!

Jude said...

Hi Chris,
Welcome! Great to have another person to learn from!

Elizabeth said...

Welcome Chris!!!!