Got Milk?

A while back I heard an interview on NPR that prompted me to put a book on my wish list.  I started reading that book earlier this week and it just seems to make good sense.  I am about half way through with it and just finished an extensive section on milk.  When I went to the grocery store this morning I made a small change.  I purchased Organic Valley whole milk from grass fed cows.  The nutritional benefits range from better digestion and more effective absorption of nutrients to anti-inflammatory. This particular brand was one of the ones suggested if you couldn't get raw milk.  Raw milk is currently illegal in Wisconsin, though I know there are ways to find it, there is ongoing debate about it and legislation is pending.

The book is:  Real Food What to Eat and Why,  By:  Nina Planck.   
Have you read it?  
What do you think of raw milk?


celkalee said...

I grew up on raw milk. I would accompany my Father to the neighboring farm, carry one of the two half-gallon jugs down the gravel path to the milk house where one of the farm hands would dispense the fresh milk into our jugs. The only thing that bothered me was to odd smell in the milk-house. A combination of some kind of disinfectant and cows. We were healthy and never had a problem, you just needed to remember to shake the jug to redistribute the cream that had risen to the top!

Sandra said...

My husband grew up on a dairy farm so all of their milk came from the bulk tank. I buy milk from a local organic dairy. They pasteurize the milk, they have to, to sell it, but it isn't homogenized. It's more money, but the milk is so worth it. You can taste the grass in the creme, I swear.

Leaning on Grace said...

Haven't read this book but will have to add it to my quickly growing list. We drink organic raw milk (in WI!) and have now for 6 months. I swear by it. My daughter is almost 7 and had been sick every 3-4 months (like clockwork) since she was born. She has asthma and allergies and had been on medicine for both for the last 3 years of her life. I have asthma and allergies and was on medicine for one or both for the last 10 years. But for the last 6 months we have been off all allergy and asthma medicine and none of us have gotten sick! It is nothing short of a miracle to me. I think you have to be extremely cautious about where you get it. I will NEVER buy raw milk in a grocery store...even when it becomes legal (I say that because I have high hopes that we can make it legal). And I think it has to go along with a traditional healthy lifestyle. If you have a healthy gut and healthy body, raw milk only helps. But I also know someone who has gotten sick off of it from another dairy farm. But we all know of thousands of people who have gotten sick by eating grocery store spinach, meat, formula or eating out at restaurants. So, you have to make choices and take a leap of faith every time you put food in your mouth.