eating less meat


i was feeling pretty bleak about the state of the world yesterday and what we can do as individuals to affect change. whenever i feel that way, i watch some TED talks and it usually makes me feel better. and while i realize that in posting this video here, i'm preaching to the converted, i wanted to share it anyway. i think the biggest surprise in it for me was that we should only be eating half a pound (250grams) of meat per week (if we're not going wholly vegetarian) and instead, many of us eat that per day!  i know that at our house we've cut back significantly...for example, making a roast chicken stretch over 3-4 meals - from the initial roast to boiling the carcass for broth to use in soups or risottos to using the leftovers in salads and sandwiches and perhaps also a risotto. but i'll also admit we're not there yet. we're definitely going to make this half pound/250 grams of meat a week a goal around here.


Zebra said...

Thank you for sharing this video! It was really interesting and I've learned a new word: locavore - that's what I try to be for more than ten years now! But it's really hard, because local products are often much more difficult to find and much more expansive. But one can recognize a new trend here in Germany. Many of our supermarkets now offer local products next to the "usual" ones. So the consumers have the choice. But this choice can also be difficult. What is better? A local product or an ecologically produced one from far away? I usually decide for the local one, because on one hand transportation makes products no longer ecological. And on the other hand I think, we need to keep our farmers alive. We do not have that many of them any more, but if we want a change to better conditions, we need somebody we can discuss with. Zebra

trump said...

Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon county. Have a great weekend folks. Richard from Amish Stories.