how we saved our cucumbers

these little puppies...phytoseiulus persimilis - or spider mite predators - have rescued our cucumbers from blight and all four plants are producing again!! they're a natural biological, organic and safe deterrent against that nasty little spider mite that makes the little baby cukes turn yellow and fall off before they even get a chance to grow.

if the leaves of the cucumbers have some white residue on them (check the underside), you probably have spider mites and need some of these little predators...they come in a little vial in the mail and you sprinkle them on a few of the leaves of each plant and they spread out and do their work, quickly, efficiently and seemingly like magic.

now if i could find something to use against the little green worms that are eating up my tuscan kale...

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rayfamily said...

Awesome find! I'll have to look into it! The blight has finally killed all of our cucumber vines, though some cukes are trying desperately to continue to grow. Check out Spinosad. It is certified organic and seems to be a good all around pest spray, might help with your little green worms :)