Edible Flower Heaven

 I'm so excited about this new find that I am doing a first (and a rare). I am double posting this little tidbit both here and at Eat Right Racine. I figured that I needed to share the wealth of this new found (to me) information!

Tonight, as we are prepping to leave town on vacation, we wanted to eat some of our left over winter cold frame greens that are approaching their end. Arugula, is a favorite, and when it bolts/goes to seed, the leaves get very spicy. Tonight B came in and said "oh, google arugula flowers and see if their edible.  I just ate one and it's great!" So, here's the gem....arugula flowers are amazingly sweet spicy and a phenomenal treat! We went to an old standard tonight. Did your grandma make salad dressing with mayo, vinegar and sugar?? Well, mine did and we did a similar variation with the chive flower vinegar I made after Palmer's post and all I can say is heaven!!

Bottom line....try arugula flowers---and chive vinegar, for that matter!



julochka said...

i made chive vinegar (and olive oil) too. :-) now i've got to see if my arugula is flowering! :-) and double-posting is great! that way you spread the word to more people!

Jude said...

Great idea - I particularly like that B first ate one and then asked you to check if they were edible!

Palmer said...

Horray, Im glad that you liked the chive vinegar!!! I would be very interested to hear about your, or others, cold frames

Unknown said...

Ooooh, we have some of these growing in our garden... I had no idea they were edible! Must try them... :)
Thank you,
Emma, x

Elizabeth said...

Welcome Emma. Glad you found something new and useful.

Have a great sunday.