Po-Tay-Toh** Po-Tah-Toh

After reading this article this weekend over at domestic sensualist, I began to really think about the good old potato.  Years ago when my mother-in-law was diagnosed with diabetes, we jumped on the Atkins diet craze when she did.  We began to look more intricately into the carbs we ate.  I guess it was out of that habit that to this day we dramatically limit the potatoes that we eat. 

Fast forward 15 years and we begin this grand homestead and garden adventure.  Low and behold, potatoes are one of those crops that grow abundantly and will store in the root cellar fantastically.  We have done well growing and storing, but haven’t kept up on eating them as well as I think we should.  It all goes back to that low carb time. 

Aren’t potatoes one of the perfect foods?  I went in search of information this evening and am a little disheartened.  Most information is put out there by either the potato growers, or the authors of diet books.  Simple or complex carbohydrate, pish posh, let’s talk about the glycemic index.  Sheesh!!  Do any of you have the answer to this question? 

Maybe it is best to take the everything in moderation approach…and preparation is the most important part.  After all, I minimally process everything that I harvest.   Honestly, I am just trying to make healthy choices for my family and don’t want to feel guilty growing and stocking potatoes.  Thoughts??

End Rant  :)



julochka said...

i'm not gonna get too worked up about potatoes. they grow so well in our sandy soul and really, what's better than a mess of freshly-boiled new potatoes? that said, we have also limited our potato consumption - not so much on purpose, but more by accident as other, more exciting starches come into our diet to replace them - quinoa, couscous, brown rice, wild rice.

i think if you don't eat them daily and you only seldom eat fries (homemade only, never from a fast food joint), you'll be fine.

but it was disturbing that they were on that list 3x (which may only be because those releasing the study didn't realize that french fries and chips were also potatoes).

Jude said...

I think it is about how they are cooked not about potatoes themselves.

rayfamily said...

Julie, I agree. Part of our limiting has been due to other options too...(aside, I found an awesome grain mix that's perled couscous, split garbanzos, red quinoa, and pilaf~ yum!. I think sometimes the information out there &/or new findings only muddle good common sense.

Jude, I agree about the prep versus the potatoes themselves, except when it comes to the glycemic index, where they score pretty high. But I think that that index has become mroe necessary as the overall result of obesity,processed foods and large amounts of sugar that people consume leading to more and more diabetes. Then some of the good startches exacerbate the issues.

I'll still prepare my potatoes, just think it is so intersting how information is constantly evolving and giving us new things to think about. :)

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

I have learned form my weight loss classes that you must eat everything in moderation. Some fruits are high in sugar and peanuts are good for you, but are very starchy.

I do not understand why the potatoe is getting a "bad rap"?!?!?

I believe if it makes you happy and feel good--eat it, but only in moderation!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Sorry spelling error on potato.