On The Window, Through The Window

Since not everyone can have the glorious weather that is now being appreciated in Denmark (*wink*)  I have found that we have spent most of the last two soaking weeks in doors when we long to be accomplishing things in the garden.  The kids have completed a couple of eco-projects that I thought were really neat ideas, easy to do and allow for you to dream of warmer and drier days as we gaze out our windows.

The first is this little suet basket.  It has been filled with scraps of yarn and loads of dryer lint and hung out next to one of our bird feeders on the porch.  The little ones grab bits from here to pad their nests.  Fun for the kids to watch, and another lure for avian photo ops.
This second one is a great way to show your kids (or grand kids, or nieces and nephews, or you for that matter), the way that a seed grows.  Take a 8 1/2 X 11 business card sheet and punch two holes in the top to insert little suction cups.  Then, fill each of the business card spaces 3/4 of the way full with potting soil.  Plant any little seed in each pouch and then water (we use a turkey baster to do the watering).  Hang in the window and watch the seeds germinate, roots develop, and little plants begin.  You can then transplant them wherever you wish.  This could be a great way to begin your kitchen herbs!
Finally, not so much a craft as an activity that was sent home from school with Sidney this week.  Nothing fills my heart more than to see something of what we are trying to instill in our kids dovetailed in what they learn at school.  This week, every fourth grader was sent home with a baby sugar maple tree (Wisconsin's state tree).  They were taught about planting a legacy and how to plant and care for the tree in honor of Arbor Day, which is next Friday.  Our ground is so saturated from rain, we can not plant it yet, but we are keeping the roots moist and if this rain doesn't stop by tomorrow are going to plant it in a big bucket until we can get it in the ground. What a neat thing to come home from school!

Happy Weekend!


Karen said...

I love the yarn and dryer lint in the suet feeder! Why have I never thought of that!

julochka said...

what? your weather is bad? don't worry, ours will be again too and then we'll look upon these glorious sunny spring days with nostalgia.

great idea to provide some nesting supplies! and i'd love to plant sweet peas in window like that. we'll have to wait 'til we can get some biz card folders on tuesday.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Lovely projects and very nice reading!