The Smelly Barn

My Junior Girl Scout troop has embarked on a large service project so that they can receive their bronze award at the end of next year.  We have applied for and received approval to submit items to Terracycle.  This company takes recyclable items and up cycles them into other products from bags to clipboards.  In fact, this month they had a contest encouraging the public to submit their creations from recycled materials.

Our school has 550 students and the girls have made signs, decorated bulletin boards and made lunch time announcements for the kids to put their used juice pouch containers, zip-lock type baggies, and empty lunchable trays into special containers.  Once we have collected 500 of any item, we can ship it to Terracycle and they will in turn donate 2 cents per item to the school, and then create new uses for the “trash.”

Here comes the smelly barn part…  since we have a nice large barn, guess which of the two troop leaders was drafted to collect all of the bags of recyclables??  Yep, you guessed it, me! J  So here’s to having a smelly barn, in a different sense, for the next 15 months!


Elizabeth said...

Great idea. Good luck with the smelly barn!!!!

Jude said...

The cons of having a big barn, eh! Good luck with the collecting!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Not so funny to have that smelly barn in the backyard - but still a great idea and initiative! At least you know it's for a good cause!