seeds of contentment

tho' there has been quite a heavy frost on the ground the past couple of mornings, it won't be long before that's gone and our planting can start in earnest. so, i did a happy dance of joy today when my seed order from thomson & morgan arrived in today's mail. quite a few of these can be started indoors for planting out in a month or so when the weather is warmer.

i focused on heritage varieties, but i also focused on the unusual and things that said they would grow well in our climate - like kale and others in the brassica family (brassica just sounds so much more posh than cabbage, doesn't it?). tomatoes and eggplants will be grown in the terrace, as our growing season this far north is too short for them out in the garden.

last weekend, i planted herbs in the new herb bed that husband constructed for me. i picked up thyme, oregano and sage at the grocery store, moved a couple of last year's thyme plants and then planted parsley and basil seeds inside of a little tunnel that will keep them warm and protected.

we also planted 225 willow sticks of different pretty varieties - from purple to yellow to red. i'm not sure i have any great ambition to weave baskets, but i will be able to, should the fancy strike. willow is such an amazing plant - fast growing - you can make beautiful, living fences of it or it will serve as part of your water rinsing unit if you, like, we do, have your own well and sewage installation. and if it looks pretty to boot, all the better.

what are you going to plant in your garden?

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rayfamily said...

Yea it's that time! We're planting the rest of our seeds in the basement this week! I love the willow sticks, cool idea!

Lost Star said...

I have basil, Paisley and corriander growing right now, along with some tomatoes and chillies. Thyme, rosemary and mixed salad to be planted as soon as I get the man to carry me home some more compost. All of this is grown in portable containers so it can come with us when we move.