An experiment

As soon as August comes around I feel like making my vinegars again so that I some sunshine during the winter. This year I decided to start really totally from scratch. Never made any vinegar from scratch before and therefore I started reading and reading a little bit more. Some information showed lenghty processes while the book you see in the picture made it as easy as it could be.

I had to give it a try. I peeled the apples, put it in the jar, poured over some water and left it for 3 weeks. Yes, that's the method and magically vinegar appeared. It is no balsamico by any means but the fun I have while trying makes up for that. I used very green apples for this experiment. Next time I want to find deep red apples and see if that influences the colour and taste of the vinegar.

Did you ever made your own vinegar from scratch? If yes, please share.



rayfamily said...

I haven't tried making vinegar from scratch. We've lacto-fermented pickles and chard stems and that has worked well. I'm intrigued by making vinegar now, thanks!!

julochka said...

I made vinegar last year from our cider leftovers. it was great! will definitely be doing it again this year.

Julia said...

One year I made a pineapple vinegar, from the outside pieces and some brown sugar. It was really good.

Relyn Lawson said...

I just wanted to pop by and wish you the happiest new year. May your 2013 be full of blessings, laughter, and happy surprises. Thank you for being a blog friend and a joyful part of my life.

Haddock said...

This is an experiment I must tell my friend to try as she has lots of apples in her orchard which goes waste as they are never plucked.