summer dreaming: viking food

i've been going through some old photos in my big iPhoto library and i came across these from the viking festival at the viking ship museum in roskilde a couple of years ago. it was late summer, the sun was shining, and with snow on the ground at last, i'm feeling a bit wistful for those light, bright days.

this coming summer, i want a setup like this...a place to make pancakes over the fire in the garden. tho' i think i'll stick with my normal clothes.

to grill delicious food, using local produce and maybe even a plant or two found in the forest.

grilled meats, served up viking style in a rustic bowl on a bed of mashed root veg and grain.

maybe not quite so many chickens at once, but a chicken grilled outdoors would be awesome.

and a big bowl of heritage grains with cabbage and herbs.

summer dreams. and really, it's not THAT far away.

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Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Hi Julochka - I don't know if you read German too, but there are several Viking cookbooks in German - here is the specific link to Amazon: