Sunday Morning Seeds

Every year has been a garden adventure for us.  After last years CSA experiment, we are actively dialing things in so that we can accommodate more families and reduce the performance anxiety a little.  B and I have spent our sunny Sunday morning referencing and cross referencing what seeds we have, what we need, how many to plant what beds to plant in, are there enough beds, how many days until each plant matures, and how to best time succession planting.  Whew!  This plan is like a dance, and not an elegant waltz, no it's like a head spinning polka.

So what we have ended up with is designating individual rows or for high yielding varieties a number of plants per family participating.  Then we will plant separately what we know we need for ourselves for fresh consumption, processing and storage.  We have decided upon 25 different types of produce subset into 45 different varieties.  This does not include the onions, potatoes, or lettuces that will also be planted.  I'm not sure whether to be excited or overwhelmed!  For many of the plants we will begin seeds in the basement this week.  Living as far North as we do and with the uncertainty of warmth in our summers, we are going to utilize some black landscape fabric to try to boost the possibility of having a good season for those warm weather plants.  With any luck, all of this planning will result in a full and prosperous season.  Now off to order seeds!  Have a great Sunday!


julochka said...

i find myself looking for the "like" button! this is so exciting! and a little bit overwhelming too. :-)

Barb said...

We are joining a CSA for the second year in a row. I love it! It was our farmers' first year there, so they will be making some adjustments. Apparently, some people didn't like the ground cherries (I loved them!) or the spicy salad mix (I loved that too!). I'm excited to see what wonderful fruits and veggies we get this year.